Our Urgent Needs

  • We want to fly over to Kenya to begin inspection of the properties and check on the kids, get some video and preach to the region. We could use your help in getting the extra money for tickets and expenses as well as taking some toys and mosquito nets along with us.
  • Each one of the children staying full board spends Khs.5000/= monthly($63). Please consider sponsoring one or more of these kids so that the basic necessities of life are no longer something that needs to worry them.
  • Housing-  To enable us help more children, we need hostels that are not rental. The house that we have rented for housing the children costs us Ksh 6000/= We are looking to build several buildings to house the classic orphans, as well as a separate hostel for those with HIV/AIDS.
  • Water- We need boreholes to enable them get clean water. We currently buy our water from neighbors who have their own boreholes. Sometimes the water is not treated and so the kids all face the danger of waterborne diseases.
  • Mosquito nets and bedding. This is critical, not only for the orphans but for church families and community members as well.
  • Dairy cows to help cut the high cost of buying milk.

Two more properties are available for purchase so that Centers can be established. One is a multi-family building in Slavic Village, Cleveland. This would be an inner city work focusing on local missions and ministry training. The building has 6 apartments, a store front and a full loft capable of housing up to 30 people. There is more than enough space for students and young families and more than enough work for everyone. We will get the city/county to waive the tax debt, get the property for free and then just pay to make it livable again.

The next property is in Spain, directly on the Camino. This path sees 300,000 pilgrims and travelers pass by every year. The goal here is to create a ministry training center and hostel. We will focus on sustainable resources and community. This is available for $4500 usd and we may need up to 10k to make it habitable. But it would be a Gen-X foothold to minister to people completely unused to the Gospel.